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Last year we conducted what was arguably the largest ever research study into accountants websites. In fact we surveyed over 5,000 of them! There were a couple of reasons for this (no it’s not because we’re masochists, although after going through this exercise I think we were!)…

First, we wanted to make sure we weren’t missing anything that would of course be of benefit to our members.

Second, we wanted to analyze each in terms of their ability to ‘SELL’. In other words, which sites actually moved the visitor to really want to arrange a meeting with the firm.

Not surprisingly none of the sites were doing anything special.

But perhaps more alarmingly, not one (that’s zero) of the sites were actually set up to act as a sales funnel and drive visitors into requesting a meeting. The results were fascinating and as a result we embarked on a crusade to create ‘The most effective website for accountants ever created ‘.

This involved literally hundreds of tests across a number of different variables. Some of the results were expected.

But a number of tests shocked us to the core. A few were quite frankly astonishing.

The outcome is ‘The Website Success Formula For Accountants’.

We’re currently putting together the material for a 75 minute (approx) live webinar to explain all about it and what you can do to get results for your own firm.

It should be ready within the next couple of weeks.

We’ll keep you posted.

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