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“153 clients in 11 months”

“If you just do one thing, make sure you become a member! This system has worked wonders for us. Two years on and we still have record breaking months. Our best month so far is 23 new clients. Over the last 11 months we have generated 153 new clients.”

Andy Page, PH Accountancy Ltd, Whistable (sole practitioner)

40 clients in 1 month. 163 clients in 6 months”

“In the last 6 months we have acquired 163 new clients. In one month alone we signed up 40. In fact one of our competitors recently said we were ‘client magnets’ which is exactly what we wanted to achieve when we joined the Accountants Growth Programme.”

Mark Torr – Torr Waterfeld , Leicester (multi-partner firm)

Please Note: There are many more comments from members shown in the video.