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If you’re an ambitious accountant actively looking to grow your firm, your website should have one primary objective – To Generate Enquiries.
Unfortunately 99% of accountant’s websites aren’t set up to achieve this. Therefore results are almost always poor. The reality is that your website was set up to achieve one or more of the following…

  1. To look good
  2. To impress visitors
  3. To give visitors useful information (tax calculators, etc.)
  4. To make it easier for people to contact the firm
  5. To impress competitors

Notice none of these things focus on the most important reason for having a website – to help you get more good quality clients.

Proven formula for Accountants

This is not an art.  “It’s a science.

There is a Proven Formula for creating an Accountancy Website that sells. A website that generates a constant stream of enquiries.
A website that runs on autopilot.

In a couple of weeks, I’m running a live webinar to show you exactly how to do it. You definitely won’t want to miss it. Details will follow soon.

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